Been abroad

The title of this writing obtained from the blog itself. After writing for some certain number, currently 112 pieces, the blog encourage the blogger to write more by giving examples of title which the blogger may interest.  One of those titles offered is the story about the experience out of country. Here is a title to write.

Used to go abroad in many countries. When young boy, the first visit was our neighbouring country Laos. It was very exiting though it was not much differences between our two. It was quite strange that when I was a high school student, I loved english the most unlike most students now. I didn’t think anything that one day it would be beneficial for me to leap.

I had a thought that if I had a chance to go abroad I would like to go to Japan first. Incredibly, I got a JICA scholarship to get trained in Welding Technology in Nagoya for 9 months. Although I took an exam for going abroad but was not accepted previously.

After coming back from Japan, I also had a chance to visit many countries such as America, Germany, UK, Switzerland, Singapore, Australia (study), India, Cambodia and recently Loas. It is something like going around the world but not exactly. It is a good experiences, however I have my own conclusion that the best country of all is our country Thailand. I see no idea which country is better than our birth place.

Physically, our country may be classified in developing country group, many aspects need to be developed including spiritual aspect. For my opinion, because of we have bhuddist as our national religion, this is the most important for me.

Now I have no idea to go abroad, because I think that I have learnt many things from being abroad already, it is not a big deal. I pledge that I will do a good deed for the benefit to our birth country until life is gone.


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